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Hello, I am a registered legal adviser for pensions and my office is located in Bonn. My company and I are authorised by the courts.

Germany and its legislation … complicated but fair

Many people, who work in Germany for a few years and then return to their homeland are not aware that they have probably acquired vested pension benefits or are entitled to reimbursement of contributions. It could become complicated if they have worked in several European countries.

Professional sportsmen and women be careful

Most of my foreign clients are active or former professional sportsmen and women, who have often played for teams in various countries during their careers. My clients include for example NBA professionals from the USA, who have also played for basketball teams in Europe.

My services

I therefore offer the following range of services particularly for people from abroad, who are working or have worked in Germany:

  • General advice on pension insurance in Germany
  • Verification of pension benefits for periods of employment in Germany
  • Verification of pension benefits for periods of employment in the European Union
  • Assertion of claims (reimbursement of contributions, pension)
  • Legal representation to authorities and courts in Germany

Collaboration / Partners

I collaborate on topics that come under employment and social insurance law with the office of Dr. Cech (lawyer) in Hanover, which specialises in sports law and has a large number of professional ice hockey players as its clients. For pension periods in other European countries, I work with Daniela Bertoldi’s law office for pension advice in Stuttgart. Daniela Bertoldi is Italian and has worked in several European countries herself.

What is a legal adviser for pensions?

Registration through a court is required to be able to use the title of legal adviser for pensions in Germany. The conditions for registration are personal aptitude and reliability, theoretical and practical expertise and professional indemnity insurance. They are regulated in the Legal Services Act (RDG). Only registered persons are permitted to provide pension advice. All registered legal advisers for pensions are listed by the competent courts in the legal services register, which is available to the public:

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